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Solutions based on big data trigger analysys

Big Data Technology - cutting-edge technology company providing the most advanced solution for telecom operators. Cleep products family is used by operators for customer services promotion worldwide.


Solution increases voice traffic decreasing number of failed calls:

  • "0" - originator has insufficient balance
  • busy/busy+ - subscriber is busy
  • unreach/unreach+ - subscriber is unuvailable
  • abandon - call is cancelled
  • smscall - originator has insufficient balance for SMS
  • roaming - when roam
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Solution promotes telco services based on consumer behaviour analysys in realtime:

  • in time - the fastest event detection
  • relevant - fits consumer needs in realtime
  • convinient - the most effective consumer communication channel
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Solution generates the leads and hold back consumers to call-center:

Call hold back

Allows to keep customers who was not able to reach advetiser

Leads generation

Match the customers who interested in service and allow to reach them
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CLEEP solution benefits for telcos

The most effective
solution on the market

Intelligent customization towards network specification allows to reach 98-99% effectiveness rate. Much better than competition
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Platform covers the biggest number of services
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Platform does not depend on telco's network architecture and topology
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No additional
network load

Huge data massives access without additional telco's network load
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New services
fast launch

Ability for new services quick creation and scaling to different subscriber bases
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Revenue sharing

Absense of OPEX and CAPEX costs for telco. Ready to go solution wityh revenue sharing model
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